Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two great pet products

Over the years I have tried an assortment of pet care products, and many of them lie unused in a cupboard out in the garage. I have found two items that I’d like to share with you. I like them so much I’ve given them to many of my pet sitting clients. Both are inexpensive and practical.

Litter Lifter
Years ago, I would complain to my husband that none of the litter scoops were heavy duty enough for cleaning multi-cat litter boxes. Since he worked for Petco, he started brining home samples for me to try. Inspired, he fashioned a metal prototype, which I found to be so heavy I was going to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome. On the other side of the problem, many of the plastic scoops were flimsy and the tines broke easily. 

The Litter Lifter is the answer to my prayers. It is large and made of heavy-duty plastic, with peaked tines that allow the sand to flow through easily. It’s not heavy, but it deals with even the biggest clumps. When I have a client who needs it, I usually “gift” one to them while they are on vacation. They’ve all loved it.

I found the Litter Lifter at a pet expo and bought a dozen for my clients. Now I’m happy to report it is available at Petco. Price: $5.50

The Tangle Wrangler

This item is a horse supply, and you will probably have to order it online or go to a tack and feed store. I love this brush because the rows of plastic tines fan out as you brush through the dog’s coat (or the horse’s mane). 

I use the Tangle Wrangler on Golden retrievers, Aussies, Cavalier Spaniels and other dogs with long silky coats. It also removes a lot of undercoat on my shelties. My only complaint is the tines start to break after a few months of use. Then again, mine looks like it was chewed on, so that may be the problem! Price: About $5.95.

I don't get paid for plugging these products. I just like them.

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Nicole, giant schnazuer training expert said...

You can try visiting Ikea pet supplies. I bet you're gonna love their products.

Terry Albert said...

I looked it up on the Internet, and it says Ikea has discontinued carrying pet supplies. I didn't see any in their latest catalog. The best plan is to visit the store and see if they still have something.

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