Friday, April 1, 2011

R.I.P. Casey

Casey with miniature schnauzer Pepper and her owner, Karla
As I look back through my posts on both of my blogs, I see Casey the Giant Schnauzer featured often. Today I write about him again, but this time with some sad news. My big buddy died this week at 9 years old, from a fast growing tumor in his mouth that made it impossible for him to drink and eat.

I only found out on Saturday that he was ill, when his owner Maria emailed me. I planned to go see him this week. By Tuesday it was too late. I can tell I've been pet sitting for a long time. These days it seems a lot of my canine clients are getting old and passing on. It's a fact of life, but it sure is hard to lose them. It's almost like I've lost my own dog.

I like to look back on the good times, and Casey provided many. People reacted dramatically to him. If I took him for a walk, someone would say, “Nice pony you’ve got there.” People wondered what kind of dog he was, because Giants are fairly rare.

If you approached Maria’s front door, her security screen door blocked your view into the house. But you would be face to face with a huge, suspicious black dog–one that had no intention of letting you in without Maria’s approval. Maria was a wonderful owner. She was dominant without being rough. She knew that a big guard dog breed needs a firm hand, and she trained and socialized him well. She plans to get another Giant Schnauzer in a few months.

I’ll miss the big galoot.

Here’s a post I wrote featuring Casey: The dominance dance
He often appeared in photos, too: What breed should I get? I think I could post 100 pictures.
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Casey with Cowboy, another big guy who stays here 

With Klondike and Makaso 
Playing with Gracie


BestFitPetSit said...

RIP, Casey. I'm sorry for your loss and Maria's loss, Terry. He was beautiful!! It's so sad that they can't live as long as we do. It's just not fair.
I love schnauzers and I love even more when I find owners who understand the breed. They are few and far between.

Terry Albert said...

Thanks- I learned a lot from Casey. A unique breed, indeed. Now I have two other giant schnauzer clients, and I was well-prepared to deal with them. Great dogs.