Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pet sitting is fun!

Jilly and Bailey wait for me to come up the stairs

The past three weeks I have cared for a kitty named, aptly, Sweet Pea. She is the kind of client we all dream about when we decide to go into the pet sitting business.

Every day when I arrived, she’d roll around on the Oriental rug in the entry hall, meowing and asking for a scratch. We’d play with her feathers and balls, and I’d brush her for a few minutes. After cleaning her litter box and giving her fresh water and food, we’d head for the kitchen, where she’d get a teaspoon of yogurt. I’d scatter a few treats around the family room, which she would promptly devour. She’d save her yogurt for after I left.

So many cats hide from me. Others don’t like the intrusion of my visits, watching suspiciously as I tend to their needs. Some warm up after a few days, as they get progressively lonelier in their empty house. Every one is different, and I adapt to their unique personalities.

Bailey and Jilly are two golden retrievers I’m also visiting. Bailey runs for his toy box as I arrive, and presents me with a different un-stuffed animal every time I come in the door. The house is now strewn with fluffy carcasses. We hang around outside. I bring my crossword puzzle in the mornings, sitting on the patio while they plop their heads in my lap. We hike to the bottom of the hill out back and struggle back up together. It’s a beautiful setting, and they are beautiful dogs.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the stress and responsibility, I forget how nice it is to spend time with the animals, and just enjoy them for who they are. 

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