Sunday, March 27, 2011

Careers with Dogs

When I was an animal-loving kid, it never crossed my mind that I would have a career with animals. I never went to a dog show or an obedience class until I was an adult, at least 30 years old. I had absolutely no exposure to that world. I vaguely longed to be a veterinarian but knew UC Davis was out of my financial reach. And graduate school? Not a chance.

Kids didn’t get exposed to the possibilities in life back when I was a kid. For my parents, who never went to college, the ultimate achievement was a college degree…and of course I would become a teacher.

Well, I got the degree, and became an artist, something they deemed “impossible.” Teaching was of no interest to me at all. Today I paint pet portraits, board dogs in my home, and pet sit. I’m not rich, but I’m supporting myself. If only…

This book would have opened my eyes to a whole new world way back when. Today, I hope every animal-loving kid gets to read it. Besides describing different animal related careers, Kim interviews people who are actually making a living at it. I was excited as I leafed through it, seeing photos and reading stories about an incredible array of opportunites.

My 15 minutes of fame
I’m proud to say that I am one of the professionals featured in the book, in two chapters. On page 228, Kim retells the story of my first pet portrait, of Mac, my grandpa’s dog, painted when I was in college. The picture hung in their dining room behind his favorite chair for many years. I wish I had a photo of it to compare to what I do today.

On page 327, I talk about my life as a pet sitter, the skills needed, and what a typical day’s work is like. There’s a small photo of me with my cats, Sterling and Whisper. I am so proud to be featured in such a great book!
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you want to post my question, but could you send me a private email please? I really need some advice about my dilemma.
I am wanting to open a home occupation (doggie daycare) and the inspector is telling me the dogs cannot use my yard AT ALL. They have to taken off the property to go to the bathroom. I have the money to build a nice 200 sq. ft. building, and I was going to fence in a large outdoor area. The inspector says NO WAY. He even said they should POOP INDOORS. I live in Portland, and he says this is the rule. HELP!!

Terry Albert said...

That sounds really weird. I would check with others who do what you do in your area. Are you getting a kennel license? Is that why there is an inspector? Pet owners let their dogs relieve themselves in the yard, I assume the "inspector" is worried about a massive volume of waste building up. Get a written copy of the regulation he is trying to enforce and see if it can be interpreted differently. You might need a lawyer.

If that's the law, then you are stuck, but it seems to me it encourages you to take your dog out on the sidewalk in a public place to eliminate. Makes no sense.