Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pet Sitters associations membership- worth it?

Dear Labby- I am a reader of your pet sitting blog and had a question for you.  I have just started my own dog running, dog walking and pet sitting business.  I am looking to secure insurance and was curious if you saw a reason to join Pet Sitters Associates LLC AND Pet Sitters International?  It seems Pet Sitters Associates offers insurance at a much lower rate than PSI but I see that you are a member of both.  Any reason why the huge difference in insurance cost between the two?  From what I can tell, membership in Associates LLC is somewhere under $200 and includes insurance while PSI is $140 plus for membership and then around $400 for insurance.

Thanks for your help!


Dear Beth:
Good question- I have my insurance through Pet Sitters Assoc. for exactly that reason. It is cheaper. PSI tries to sell you on the benefits of membership, and if you are a new petsitter, their magazine is nice and so are their certification classes, etc. Pet Sitters Assoc is purely insurance, no other marketing foo foo stuff. One thing that got on my nerves with PSI is that they are ALWAYS selling you something. Their magazine and website are marketing tools, and I have sometimes wondered about the educational benefits of PSI's articles, as I discuss in this post about caring for horses. So maybe if you don't have much experience, PSI is good. I was a member for two years, then decided I didn't need it. 

You can buy your insurance from PSA, and just be a member of PSI, which was what I did.

Both have a referral service- PSA's is $10 a year, PSI's comes with your membership.

Hope this helps!



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Anonymous said...

Wow this is so informative thank you! I was wondering about PSI insurance as well

Anonymous said...

Also, because the client involved went over my head and paid the bill and demanded reimbursement from me, I am on the hook to pay $500 for an elevator service call in her building which the HOA won't pay. I was planning on disputing the excessive charges, notified her in an email about it and told her I was looking into the matter with Legal Aid, asked her advice too since she is an attorney, and she did this to me. Now I am contemplating dropping her as a client. If only I had a replacement on hand! I know this sounds cold-hearted, but I have bent over way backwards of being her Ms. Indispensable Always Available Pet Sitter and have been with her dog since 2005.

Glo's Life said...

I still don't see an answer as to whether it's worth getting any insurance at all, whether PSA or PSI. From what I read, no to PSI, but what about PSA? Has anyone ever tried opening a claim with PSA? If so, what was the experience?

Terry Albert said...

I had to file a claim with PSA and it went very smoothly, and they didn't cancel me or raise my rates. PSI is not bad at all, just more expensive.