Friday, December 3, 2010

The week after the pet-sitting rush

Mac, Labrador retriever by Terry Albert

So are you sitting back and counting all that lovely money? Taking long naps? Me too. But this week is so quiet I immediately worry that I’m not going to make enough money in December to pay the bills.

This back and forth feast-or-famine cycle is the norm in pet sitting. It is sure hard on the nerves. Over the years I have learned that the business WILL come, and to take it easy and enjoy a few days off while I can get them.

“Days off” is relative, since I have three dogs staying here. But three is a lot less than nine, so it seems quiet. This is the week to get my car washed, my hair cut, the house cleaned, the corrals spiffed up, and do some Christmas shopping. This is the week I spend time with my horses, who were virtually ignored last week. And this week I paint, since I have three pictures to get done before Christmas (see the first one, above). So it’s not like I’m bored.

The Thanksgiving rush enabled me to pay my property taxes without going into savings this year, which is a blessing. I usually count on the holiday income to get me through January and February, which are always slow.

So don’t go on a spending spree; the rush will be over in another month and you have to pay the rent all year round. 

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Tailor Made Pet Sitting said...

I'm exhausted from Thanksgiving! :-) The $$ was nice but I think it's taken me a week to recover from all the dogs

Miriam M. Hughes said...

Terry - I love this post. Most of my life I have worked for myself and I always go through these feast and famine cycles. I have learned to save and also take chances - like right now I am trying to sell my house (so I can move to a warmer state) so I had to give up the pet sitting and the money. Eeecks. Will I make it until the house sells?? OF course, because somehow I always do. Why are we artist/entrepreneurs such free spirits and risk takers?

Terry Albert said...

It's scary to move. I've thought about it, but I would have to start my business all over, and it takes a couple of years to build up a decent income. Good luck!