Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The weather outside is stormy

Star and Ari share a Christmas kiss
Happy Holidays everybody! If you're like me, you are dealing with a lot of wet dogs this week. One of my clients asked me to wipe their paws when I let the dogs in every night. We've had so much rain that they were soaked from head to toe. When all three, giant schnauzer, mini schnauzer, and shih tzu crash through the door at once and immediately start shaking off the rain, you've got a huge mess on your hands. Then the schnauzer starts rubbing along the wall. UGH!

Optimists that they are, my clients left me two bath towels. I brought more from home. Their new hardwood floors are now covered with drying paw prints. And they'd already scheduled a carpet cleaning for the white dining room carpet. Wise move.

Warm and cozy at my house: Lily, Desi, Blaze, Izzy, Bonnie
We settled on letting the dogs stay in during the day with the back door open to the yard so they could get out if they needed to. The shih tzu, age 12, just shouldn't have to sit out there and get soaked to the skin. For that matter, none of them should have to. The wind was so bad their makeshift shelter (umbrellas and tarps) didn't keep them dry.

One of my other clients said to me once, "But they love the rain!" No dog house, no shelter, and he didn't want them in his pristine garage. I hated him. Malamute or not, they deserved better. I brought over a dog house of my own, and the dogs used it for the rest of their lives.

So stay as dry as possible, carry chains if there's snow; heck, carry a chain saw. My husband used to go with me sometimes on winter pet sits in Seattle. He had to cut through a fallen tree, fix a broken heater (poor kitties- it was only 19 degrees in the house), and tow me out of a ditch once when I ventured out on my own.

Happy Holidays! :)
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1 comment:

Lynda said...

Ahh the mud season! Both of my dogs have an assortment of rain coats! I know, I know, Labs don't NEED a rain coat, but my CARPET does. Then all that is needed is a quick paw/leg wiping as they are brought thru the garage, while stepping on extra towels. Helps with that wet dog smell inside too. Then into their crates they go until completely dry.

Nice to read their is another pet sitter out there with as much dedication as I have........THANK YOU!