Friday, December 31, 2010

My pet sitting goal for 2011: Just Do It!

Kiva and Guiness relax at Judy's
As I thought about the new year for this post, I remembered something a SCORE counselor said to me early last year. I was hemming and hawing about adding independent contractors, afraid to get started.

His comment: “Just do it. Add one person, and get going. The rest will follow.”

Now I look back and realize he was right. He even knew someone who might be a good match, and my helper Judy has turned out to be the perfect person to add to my business. She has been a lifesaver to my (our) clients and me.

This weekend I will have nine dogs staying at my house and four visits a day. She has two more dogs at her house. At this point I have a couple of tentative new people lined up to help out.

During the busy season I certainly need more help, but the rest of the year, I like being a small one-woman show. I’ve decided to keep it small and let it grow only if the perfect people, like Judy, show up. Not an aggressive business plan I know, but I’ve decided I like it that way.

I realized that to make more money, I can always start doing more pet sitting visits again. I had cut back to focus on boarding. Now I’d like to keep the boarding where it is and add visits to add to my income. My plan a year ago was to quit doing visits. This year I revised that plan, because visits are at least 30% of my business, and I don’t want to lose that.

To compensate for the hassle of late night and early morning pet sitting visits, I have shrunk my service area a little. I no longer add new clients in Rancho Bernardo, which is at least an 8-mile drive each way. I’m keeping my current clients (because they are such nice people) but not adding new ones that involve that much driving late at night.

So that’s my business plan for the coming year. Have you thought about where you want your business to grow?
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