Thursday, November 25, 2010

The table is set for Thanksgiving dinner

As you see, even though I am not cooking a Thanksgiving feast, I am preparing a large meal for some of my friends! Everyone gets a little piece of sweet potato in their dish tonight.

Willa, Tally, Beau, Desi, Casey, Lucee, Portia, Ginger, Bonnie, Lily, Tux, Sammie, Pepper
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Becky Mitchell said...

So what do you say about sweet potato skins for dogs? Bad or not bad?

Terry Albert said...

I've never heard that sweet potato skins are bad. Have you? The sweet potatoes are used in many limited ingredient diets.

Rosie said...

Terry, I just discovered your blog, and it's made me smile. The picture of all the bowls lined up looks exactly like the way it was over here. We ended up feeding them in groups depending on who was being walked at the time and their rate of consumption/obsession with food. At one point we actually had 11 dogs in the house! It was insanity. Now, with only one dog here, it's definitely more pleasant, but a little too quiet for my taste :) I definitely plan on keeping up with your posts. Hope the slow coming season isn't too slow and that there aren't any winter disasters.