Saturday, October 30, 2010

Small dogs+cute clothes=danger!

Sammie is an adorable toy poodle who stays with me often. Her little dress says "Princess" on the back, and she has an assortment of outfits that she brings along on her vacations here! She has another little dress that says "Fierce!"

Sammie does well with the big dogs, though I never leave her alone with them. I had an interesting experience this week with a couple of Labs that were visiting. First Luke, a happy-go-lucky chocolate Lab, arrived. He just wouldn't leave Sammie alone. He didn't try to hurt her–he was trying to get her to play. He would play-bow and bark endlessly at her, and she'd just turn her back on him or come over to me. He's never done this before, and he was totally ignoring the pug that was staying here, so it wasn't because she's a small dog.

I finally figured it out. He thought Sammie was a stuffed toy. Her outfit had him baffled! I took off her dress and he immediately forgot about her and treated her like a normal dog for the rest of his visit.

When Luke went home, I put Sammie's dress back on her (she's just too cute, I couldn't resist). Then Nate the yellow Lab arrived. Same thing. He was fascinated, wagging his tail and following her around. A huge, tall dog, Nate outweighs her by at least a hundred pounds. Off came the dress, stored away in her suitcase until her owner returns.

There's a good lesson to learn here. A less friendly dog with a high prey drive might attack a cute little dog in an outfit. thinking he can pounce on this squeaky little thing and kill it.

Pet sitters and dog owners, beware.

Meanwhile, everyone has calmed down, and here is a photo of Sammie, Desi and Roup in the foreground, with Bonnie, Lily and Nate carpeting the rest of my living room.
Dog carpeting, literally!

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