Saturday, October 9, 2010

New dog daycare business in Laurel Maryland gets great PR coverage

In addition to my work as a pet-sitter, I design websites, and I have a client who just opened July 4th in Laurel, Maryland. From the Heart Doggie Daycare was featured in a wonderful article in a local paper this week. You can't buy advertising this good or this effective. Here's the link:

I asked Maria how she got the reporter to write about her dog day care business:
I saw an article about a new baker in town just two weeks ago. So I called the reporter and said, "Hey, I think I have a good story for you." I wrote a brief note, sent her a link to my webpage, and hoped for the best. This was on a Thursday.  She called me the next Wednesday to set up an appt for last Friday. The photographer was here Monday and the story came out Thursday.
 You are right - it is great advertising.  I had no idea I would get it, but you don't get anything if you don't ask :-)  The worst she could do was say no.  
That's the spirit! I think one thing that helped her is From the Heart has a Halloween open house and party coming up, so the story has an urgency to it.

So what can we learn from Maria?

  • You won't get any press if you don't ask for it. Do some of the reporter's work for him or her. If you have a website, pre-written press releases or photos you can supply, you make their job a lot easier.
  • Special events give reporters a reason to write about your pet sitting business.
  • If you have something newsworthy to say, you are more likely to be interviewed. The article about Maria's business mentions she lost her job when her company downsized, which is timely due to the nation's economic woes of the past two years. 
  • Is there an angle that makes your business different? Maria's daycare and boarding is cage-free and set up like a children's daycare with bright colors and a fun atmosphere. 

Congratulations on the coverage, Maria. I hope it brings you tons of business.

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