Saturday, October 16, 2010

A miscellaneous post

If you own or care for Labs, something about this photo will make you laugh. That flowerpot has had a hard life! The owner's lucky the tree is still standing, since a Lab would happily dig it up and chew it to sawdust.

These dogs, Nate and Rex, actually didn't do the damage. They are guests at my helper Judy's house this week. We'll have to have a talk with her dogs about that pot. 

Sad news
On a somber note, I lost my rescued mare, Honey, this past week. I wrote about her on my other blog, Everything Pets. I also wrote about the great veterinarian who treated her, and how we sometimes torture (and insult) our vets while trying to do everything possible for our animals.  

A new iPod/iPhone/iPad app for pet sitters and pet owners
This new app is offered by PetTech, and offers portable pet care and first aid information. You can download it for $4.99 from iTunes, which is a great price for so much info. It includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions for CPR, first aid and daily care information. There are separate sections for dogs and cats with specific information for each type of animal. 

This is just one more reason I love my iPod Touch. With the Bento app I have all of my client info at my fingertips, and now I'll have first aid info when I need it too. 

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