Sunday, August 1, 2010

My new iPod Touch and how it helps my pet sitting business

I finally made the leap and bought an iPod Touch. An iPhone would have done the same thing, but I didn’t want to pay the big monthly fee. Just because the phone is
tax deductible for business, doesn’t mean I want to spend the money. So now I have to carry two gadgets, the iPod and my cell phone. But I am happy; the Ipod Touch does everything that an iPhone does, without the phone, so there is no monthly fee. And when you are in range of a wifi hot spot, you can go online for free.

Several months ago I bought Bento, a Filemaker Pro application for the Mac. It was only $49. I have been using that for all of my client records, and I love it. I can customize the various fields to my own needs. There is an iPhone Bento app for only $4.99, and now I can sync all of my client files with the iPod Touch and carry them with me. All of the emergency phone numbers, care information, vet info, everything… is in my hands when I need it. No carrying around a bunch of paper anymore.

My address book is also synched with the iPod Touch, so I have that at my fingertips too. I also loaded photos of all my pets, past and present, and of course, all of my music, which I really don’t use. Yet…

I’ve finally caught up with 21st century technology. But yes, I have hard copies of everything stuck in a file cabinet back in the bedroom, just in case. You can teach and old dog new tricks, but…

Photo above: Luke (standing) and Indy, two gorgeous goldens, visited my house this week. They love playing with an empty gallon water jug.

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AVLpetsitter said...

I started off with an iPod Touch, then quickly broke my contract with Verizon and upgraded to an iPhone even though I had heard that AT&T's service is not the best in my area. The advantages of the iPhone more than make up for the occasional dropped call.

The main reason I looked into the iPod Touch (and then the iPhone) is because I needed to be able to sync my calendar on the go. If I'm out and about, and a client changes an appointment date or time, I need to be able to update my calendar on the fly and not worry about having to go back to my office and also update the calendar on my computer.

I use Google Calendar synced to my iPhone and iCal on my computer . I've looked at lots of calendar and smartphone options, and in my opinion this system is the most intuitive to navigate.

One of the many reasons I upgraded to the iPhone (which has a constant internet connection) from the iPod touch is that I use Google Docs to record payment received. If a client leaves me a check at the beginning of a visit, I just record that information in Google Docs right from my phone. Again: no need to worry about remembering to record everything when I get back to the office!

Finally, I like being able to respond to email when I'm out of the office. I don't want my clients to have to wait until late afternoon, when I'm done with my walks for the day, to get a response.