Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy season!

It will be over soon, and I will wonder what I’ve been complaining about. I did nine visits yesterday, and have 7 today. Wow… I realize that for some of you that is not even a full day. Because I also board dogs at home, it is enough for me!

I’m up at 6, and feed the four horses first, because that quiets the dogs down. Then I feed the dogs. Eight guests this weekend, plus my four. Then I get dressed, feed the cats, scoop litter boxes, then let all the dogs back out together when they are done eating.

By 7 or 7:30am  I am off to do pet sits. Two homes with dogs (and bunnies) that have been in all night get to go out first, then I do cats and bird visits after that.

Home by 9 am, because an owner is picking up his dog. Back out to do another cat visit I didn’t have time for.

10-2: Play with dogs, referee dogs, sit with dogs, try to write a little on my book that is due to publisher Sept 1.

2 pm: new client brings her two dogs for a consultation.

4 pm: another dog goes home.

5 pm: the full feeding routine begins again.

6-7:30 pm: clean corrals and mess with horses before it gets dark. Training new Shetland pony.

8 pm: Pet sit visit 7 miles west of my house: cockatoo (Nilla), eclectus parrot (Betty) and a mealy Amazon parrot named Albert who always says “Hi Albert” when I come in (my last name, though I don’t think that’s what he means!).

8:45 pm: Pet sit 2 miles east of my house; walk two dogs and bring in for the night.

9:15 Home, glass of whine (that is not a typo!) and let the dogs out for last potty break of the night.

10 pm: Fall into bed; curl up with cats. Instantly asleep. School starts the last week of August and things will get quiet.

Photos: Sherlock the Shetland and Ari the Icelandic get acquainted over breakfast.
Cooper and Porter, both Labs, wrestle in the yard.
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Mina said...

I know what you mean about not many visits but with a house full of dogs too it makes it a lot busier!

I have taken on some help this year - mainly because I have to leave the business for a month in January and want someone trained up ready, but it has been such a relief. Getting through all the paperwork, and all those little jobs that I never get time to do, and spending time teaching the dogs to use the agility equip in the back garden asd well as training.

Yesterday we walked together as we had 8 dogs for our early walk, then I came home to drop 5 off before going back out again with two of mine to do a walk with some potential boarders (who left a deposit, yay!), then on to let 5 dogs out to the toilet as they'd been alone since 6am, then home to catch up on phone calls while the dogs recovered from their early walk and swim.

That left Sue to visit two Chihuahuas (twice), feed two sets of cats, and walk three dogs at lunchtime.

As she was finishing for the day I went out to feed another pair of cats, and drop two dogs off home.

Today she is walking 3 dogs this morning, bringing one home to me for daycare, the Chihuahuas again (twice), 2 sets of cat feeds again, one house visit to an in season dog and two dogs to walk at lunchtime.

I'm just walking the 5 dogs I have here before Willow arrives, getting them all sorted for breakfast, sleep and some playtime before going to see a new puppy. Home again to walk the dogs here again before going back to the new puppy, taking Willow home, one of the boarders is going home, then it all starts again tomorrow!

Come September the days will be quieter but we have more dogs to walk at lunchtime, so we might both be out some days.

Terry Albert said...

OMG you couldn't do all this without a helper! I gave up midday walks because it was just more than I could do. I have one helper that boards dogs at her house and fills in for me here when i need it. I need more people!

Good luck to you- you sound well organized. September is always my vacation I always plan a few days OFF.

Mina said...

I've got a week off booked to recuperate and have a trial run of Sue running the business before I leave the country in January!

I still think of my lunchtime walks as the bread and butter of my business, as they are there day after day, winter or summer. Boarding - I turn away 4 dogs for every dog I can board, if not more! But only in August.