Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pet sitter perks: Garage Sales!

Saturday morning pet sits are fun for me, because I get to stop at garage sales along my route. I am visiting different parts of town every weekend, and explore neighborhoods in Poway that most people never see. You know how it is; we go where we go–the grocery store, school, library and post office– and never take the side streets along the way.

So every weekend I see different streets, and a garage sale sign usually tempts me to detour off my beaten path. The hardest part is resisting temptation, but lately I’ve made some wonderful finds. You might not agree!

My big $3 purchase for the yard was Carlos the turkey. Made from a tractor seat and other miscellaneous parts, he really is a creation by a modern day genius. The owner told me they bought it at a garage sale in Texas. I don’t usually buy knickknacks, but a friend who was moving unloaded a zillion different gnomes, statues and gazing balls recently, and they all appeared in my succulent garden one afternoon. I was hooked, and Carlos was a natural addition to the collection.

He is named after another Carlos who belongs to my friend Gunilla who runs a pet rescue and sanctuary in Rancho Santa Fe. I adopted Honey from her, and her Carlos is a big hit with all the visitors. He even made the local news recently.

Pet sitting a turkey
Have you ever taken care of a turkey? They are tough! One of my neighbors thought he was buying baby chicks for the kids for Easter and ended up with three very nasty huge turkeys in the back yard. I had to throw food into the pen; you didn’t dare go in there. Another turkey I met was so pretty I decided to take his picture. Well, he didn’t like the flash from my camera, and I spent the rest of my visit being chased and getting my butt pecked. 

My next garage sale find
On Friday, a lady was doing an advance day for her garage sale, so I got in early for the good stuff. I picked up this Mexican made table for $5 and I love it. It has so much personality (So does Rylee, the goldendoodle who is investigating my latest purchase). You can't see it, but there are hobnails on the top. This one goes in the living room.

And my favorite purchase
You have to get to garage sales early, and on my pet sitting rounds, I am often on the road by 7 am to let dogs out that have been in all night. This sale was right around the corner, and I nabbed this windmill with the horse on top. Who could resist? Someday my toys are going to outnumber plants. The skull hanging on the windmill is one my collie Emma brought home one day from the neighbor’s. They had butchered their cow and thrown the head over the fence. Gross, yes, but 10 years later, it looks rather nice up there, don’t you think?

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