Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog-sitting by Draw the Dog

My gang is famous! Jim George, an ex-Disney animator, featured my group in his daily Draw the Dog cartoon last week. He put a new twist on the term dog-sitting! I got a kick out his portrayal of the evil shelties, Lily and Bonnie, along with two of my clients' dogs, Tally the Lab and Twyla the Cavalier. He was way too accurate with the couch... one of the comments on his site pointed out that this is why they call it FURniture.

To watch the image "draw" itself, click here  Jim is a fantastic cartoonist and has done some great art for dog rescue groups, which I profiled several months ago in my Everything-Pets blog

Here's the photo I sent jim. His assistant, Bruce, emailed me and said I win the award for submitting the most photos! Who knows, maybe one day another of my canine friends will appear in Draw the Dog. Meanwhile, go to Jim's website and sign up to have his funnies emailed to you each day. I always get a good laugh to start my morning. 
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