Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dogs that play too rough

I love to take pictures. I had to laugh; my neighbor caught me out in the yard taking photos of my guest dogs the other day. So we took a photo of each other taking photos!

This weekend's big accomplishment is to get four dogs who didn't like each other much at first to become friends. At last, after a full day and night, everyone is getting along well. The mixed breed, Max, is only eight months old and a real pest. His dog manners needed some work, and he was aggravating everyone. He still gets a little wound up and has to come in for a time out, but overall he's made great progress.

Meanwhile, Willow the pit bull mix was playing too rough for the Labs, batting at them with her front paws. I've seen boxers do this. She just wouldn't let up, and the Labs, Rex and Nate, were getting sick of her. Gradually everyone got tired and calmed down. I let her out with each lab one at a time, and they started to play better. They've had a blast ever since, though I supervise carefully. I was relieved that they all worked it out, because they are all really nice dogs that usually play well with others. Sometimes meeting a new dog puts everyone on edge for awhile. Some dogs just get so wound up they don't know when to quit.

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