Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pet sitters gear up for the next big storm

Californians are total weather wusses. We panic at the threat of rain. As I say this I have sandbagged my driveway and dug a ditch alongside the house to route overflow water away from my patio and garage. Last weekend I was under water, and with 12 visiting dogs, I didn't appreciate having a wet patio, wet garage, and wet laundry room. All of the guest dogs had to be in the house... soggy wet dogs...

So as pet sitters gear up around the country for heavy schedules and heavier weather, take a few minutes to be prepared:
• Check your tires.
• Carry chains and sand (or kitty litter) if you are in a snow area.
• Carry clients' emergency phone numbers in your car.
• Be sure someone knows your schedule in case you get stuck somewhere.
• Carry an extra blanket in the car, maybe even a space blanket, some candles and matches to keep you warm if you get stranded.
• Get a neighbor's phone number in case you can't get to your client's home. I once had my husband go with me and cut apart a fallen tree so we could get to a house to get a client's cats. If you can't get in, maybe a neighbor can. Suggest your client give them an extra key.
• Buy a heavy duty spotlight.

Remember the Girl Scout motto: Be Prepared. I will add "Be safe, not sorry."
Photos: My dogs Tank, Sherman and Emma, Shorty (a foster dog) play in the snow in Seattle. My Collie Emma, with snow on her nose.

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