Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ho Ho OMG it's cold!

At 6 am it was cold, dark and WAY before I like to get up in the morning. But it is Christmas week, and I have dogs to walk! They've been in all night and I need to get them out early. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself until I realized I wasn't alone.

As I drove to my first pet sit, I saw a black German Shepherd mix with his bundled-up owner walking down the main road. Two Vizslas with a young couple frolicked along the edge of the park as I passed. My elderly neighbor with her Belgian Malinois went for their morning walk, something they do every day–not just at Christmas.

As I left my first house, a Lab and his escort trudged up the hill, frosty breath preceding them. The morning light revealed a crystal clear day, and I felt better knowing that all these dogs were enjoying an early morning outing.

I wonder how many of those people were pet sitters?

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© 2009 Terry Albert. All Rights Reserved. Above is a painting of a golden retriever by Terry Albert

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