Sunday, November 29, 2009

A rainbow over a soggy weekend of pet sitting

Take a deep breath... you have worked your butt off all week, and today is the LAST DAY of the Thanksgiving rush. I am exhausted, and I bet you are too. 7 am visits to dogs who were in overnight, late night visits for dogs who will be in overnight, and more.

For me, "more" meant the unwelcome surprise of a pouring rainstorm all day yesterday. This is California, and we don't do rain well at all here! I'm sure many of you braved wind, rain, snow, ice and more to get to your visits. I took my muck boots along and slogged through mud to feed three horses at two different homes.

This morning I had to laugh. One of my clients' teenagers was home, even though I was coming to feed, and he put the horse's blanket on backwards last night. Good intentions, and even backwards it helped keep her dry. I will post the proper way to blanket a horse in one of my future posts. I fixed it, and she munched merrily on her hay the entire time.

I did have a nice sight to greet me as I came out my client's front door for a soggy dog walk yesterday afternoon. Wrigley the Kerry Blue and Burbank the Wheaton live on the edge of a canyon, and a beautiful rainbow followed me all the way to their house. When I arrived, the rainbow literally ended on the ground across from their house. You can see it in the photo,crossing in front of the hillside.

I wish I had found a pot of gold at the end. Then again, maybe my "gold" is these happy dogs romping at my feet. I can't help but smile, even when I am cold, wet and tired.

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Val Pegg said...

We don't do rain well here in GA either! The drivers alone are enough to tire you out, add in the extra 6-9 pet sits per day (or more, depending on how much you take on), it's enough to make you crazy! The picture of the rainbow is awesome. I hope you have sunny days ahead of you out in CA!