Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pet Sitters Tool Kit: What do you carry in your car?

  • poop bags
  • litter scoop
  • ant traps (non-toxic)
  • leashes, collars
  • sunscreen, hat
  • first aid kit
  • fanny pack
  • towels
  • paper towels
  • flashlight
  • pillowcase
  • can opener, scissors
  • phone number of emergency vet
  • hand sanitizer
  • maps/GPS or cell phone with maps application
  • trash bags           
As I wrote up this list I kept thinking of more stuff to add to my car kit. So I went out to the car to see what I had. Biggest thing I forgot to list: TOYS! Cats love laser pointers or fishing pole toys and I use them often.

You’re probably wondering why there is a pillowcase on the list. If you can’t find a cat carrier and have to evacuate or take Kitty to the vet, a pillowcase may be your only recourse. Same for birds and snakes if you can’t use their cages.

It's nice to have your own supplies sometimes. It’s funny how everyone keeps things in places I would never think to look. I have searched an entire house looking for a can opener. Just because I keep it in the drawer next to my kitchen sink doesn’t mean anyone else does. And one family didn’t have a wastebasket in the kitchen. I finally found it in the garage, where the dog couldn’t get to it. Meanwhile I had started my own trash collection bag under the sink.

I also keep a pet first aid book in my car, notecards, pens, return address labels, at least 50 business cards, a list of all my clients’ phone numbers (home and cell), and a pile of rags for whatever emergency might come up.

Why would you need to carry extra leashes and collars? I have often been unhappy with the collar on a dog I have to walk, and find myself more comfortable using one of mine that I know he or she can’t back out of (I use martingale collars sold by Premier). Leashes break or get misplaced. Owners go off and leave the leash locked in the car.

I have also had my own ID tags made up that I can add to a dog’s collar if I am worrying about him getting out. The tag says “Call my pet sitter” with my phone number. If I’m really worried, I take the dog home with me.

So what’s in your car kit? 

Above, Bella enjoys an indestructible toy.

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