Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Value of a vacation…priceless

I am back! After a hugely busy summer, I chose the week school started here in Poway to escape for 6 days. The beginning of school marks the end of vacation season for most people, so there is always a slow period for pet sitting for a couple of weeks. I had to plan this trip back in April, so I could block out time and not get booked up with pet sitting assignments. It’s hard to imagine, but I actually had a pet sit or boarding dog every day from April through August.

But my “break” wasn’t all vacation. And it certainly wasn’t a vacation from dogs! I stayed with my friend Lynn and her husband and 9 shelties. Then I stayed with Edith and her husband and 5 labs. It was wonderful! I miss my Lab, Tank, so much, and it was fun to get a Lab “fix.” We even went to a Labrador party where there were over 20 labs and their families. And I went for a wonderful horseback ride in the woods, a long walk on a deserted beach covered in driftwood and seashells, rode the ferry and even snuck in a visit to a couple of doggie daycare locations.

Pet sitters work long hard hours and need a break to refresh and regroup. I came home enthused and with new ideas for my business. I enjoyed visiting with other business owners. We talked about how we get customers, how we deal with the animals, compared pricing, chatted about our favorite breeds, and just generally had a good time. Because we are not in the same area, we are not competitors. I had met one of them on our Doggie Daycare Internet discussion group.

Don’t neglect your own well-being. Take advantage of this slow period to have some fun and relax!

Photo- A happy group of Labs enjoying a reunion with their breeder.

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Val Pegg said...

I'm glad you got a vacation, it sounds like you had a great time. A vacation just isn't relaxing without a few dogs around, in my opinion. My husband and I are going to Panama City Beach, FL with our 3 dogs in November and we can't wait! I've got my IC covering for me and keeping the scheduling very light for those days in early Novermber. I am VERY ready for a vacation!

Terry Albert said...

Yes, as soon as I have free time and go away on vacation, I miss my dogs and cats. Now I have free time to spend with them, and they're not with me!