Saturday, September 19, 2009

My favorite clients

I was telling the girls at my vet's office today about how much I enjoy the big goofy Labrador retriever who was bouncing at my feet. 18 months old, 107 pounds, Nate has an ear infection. So I saddled him up and off we went to the doctor. Even a prong collar barely contains his exuberance. And a mere ear infection certainly didn't make him slow down.

I straddled him and sat on his butt while the doctor examined his ears. Nate hasn't had a whole lot of training, but is very agreeable. One thing I learned a long time ago: Labs always keep you laughing. Nate crashes out of his crate in the morning with his bed in his mouth, and promptly drags it all over the yard. All the patio chair pads have to be put away and plastic dog dishes get chewed to bits. His owners have a "Natecam" so they can watch him in his dog run while they are at work.

Later this evening as I relaxed with a (finally) tired dog at my feet, I realized how lucky I am to truly like my canine and feline clients. Then I realized I really like their owners too. It hasn't always been this way. I have always found most pet owners to be very nice people, but over the years some of their pets have been pretty tough to deal with. As I've gotten busier, I have the luxury of being able to say no when a pet is just too much for me to handle. No more aggressive dogs, escape artists, fence jumpers, nasty cats, or dangerous birds. If I can't handle it, I'm not afraid to pass the client on to a new pet sitter who may be a better fit.

The result? I'm happy. I really enjoy my work. I look forward to visiting my pet clients or having them stay in my home. I don't get so burned out that I hate what I'm doing. I get up in the morning and laugh at their antics, enjoy my time out in the yard with them (even cleaning up poop!), and cuddle in my chair with a sweet dog or kitty whenever I feel like it.

So yes, I like Nate, Sadie, Chocolatte, Buttons, Casey, Zack, Taco, Lucky, Emo, Pudley, Albert, Lester and Nilla and all the others. They are all my favorites. I am blessed!

Photos: Nate lounging on the patio chaise, Zack the tuxedo kitty, Lucky the tabby.

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