Sunday, September 13, 2009

Could you water the plants?

This photo has been going around the Internet, and I had to laugh when I saw it. So would you charge extra for this job?

© 2009 Terry Albert


Val Pegg said...

Haha! I have had some issues with plants, actually...sometimes it takes longer to water all of the plants than to care for the pets and that is not my thing. I tell them that they have to pay for an hour visit instead, or the plants just won't get the attention that they need! I haven't had any problems yet. I don't charge extra for the plants, just my time. Does that sound about right? Anyone charge per plant?

Vicki Holt said...

I charge extra for my time too. But I tell people if they want me to water the plants they'll need to hire me for a longer visit or their pets will get shortchanged.

I love this picture. And that's often just about the size of it when people ask you to water the outdoor plants.