Sunday, July 5, 2009

A passion for your business

I met a friend, Jan, for coffee this morning between pet sitting visits. She is a retired teacher who now has a business helping people get organized in San Diego. We have a common interest in horseback riding, which is how we became acquainted. As we chatted, I talked about several friends who are moving, and their struggles to get rid of junk, get the house ready to sell, and get packed. Jan showered me with advice to pass along to my friends.

It dawned on me that when I am out with people, I often talk non-stop about pets, training, and rescue. Jan was doing the same thing about the subject she loves. When you are passionate about what you do, your work spills into your everyday life and conversation. Her eyes lit up as I talked about file cabinets and plastic boxes, labels and shelf organizers.

My eyes lit up when she talked about her dog Wilbur, her search for a new horse and her neighbor’s goats. If you are laughing at us, I understand completely. But I bet you have a subject that gets you going too.

I have an entire section of my garage devoted to leashes, collars, dog dishes, flea control products, shampoos, toys, food and other dog paraphernalia. My friend Seana, the one who is moving, gave me freestanding stacking drawers that inspired me to actually sort everything, throw out the old things, and label each drawer so I can find what I’m looking for. And as an added bonus, I actually know what I have now, instead of just sticking my hand into an unknown pile of tangled “stuff.” I even created an area for the boarding dogs’ possessions. Each now gets his/her own drawer with leashes, toys, medicines and bowls.

When your business is slow, it’s a perfect time to get organized. Work will be easier when you’re busy if you get organized now. Go through the bag you keep in your car, the first aid kit and the pet section of your house. Donate or throw away what you don’t need. Be ruthless.

Pet sitting doesn’t seem so much like work when you are fulfilling your dreams, following your passion, and have an organized file cabinet :)

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Parsley said...

I'm a pet sitter. I was excited when I saw this post. Right now I have 15 dogs in my HOME...6 are my own.

Terry Albert said...

Sounds like we're all busy for the 4th of July!