Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fixed the gate!

A friend of mine who owns a doggie daycare in Seattle experienced the same incident as last weekend's near disaster (Read about it in my previous post). And here is what she did to prevent dogs from sticking their heads through the gate. Her victim was an Italian Greyhound, and he too was rescued safely, but who wants to go through that agony? 

This is a 4" corrugated plastic drain. I cut it with garden clippers, and attached it with zip ties. I hope this tip helps you prevent accidents. It just dawned on me, looking at this photo, that if I attach the drainpipe to the other post, it might work even better. 

Thanks Ann Marie, of SpawZ in Seattle, WA. 

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Roxanne Rook said...

Oh sad! I'm glad you were able to fix it. It's always nice to see how much doggie daycare businesses care about the pets they are entrusted with. That's a very creative, resourceful solution.

Roxanne Rook |