Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your web site

Probably my most popular blog post has been the one I wrote about Search Engine Optimization for pet sitters' web sites. As I was poking around on the Internet, I discovered a blog published by Stat Counter, a site that helps you track how many people visit your web site or blog (You'll note that over in the right-hand column of this page there is a link to Stat Counter). 

Stat Counter's blog has a series of beginner guides to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which I found very straightforward and helpful. While not specific to pet sitting, they certainly offer good suggestions for any business owner that wants to get more traffic, and therefore, more business. Here are the links:

I hope you'll find these articles as informative as I did! 

And since I can't stand to post something without a picture, here's a photo of my client, Jet, one of the prettiest German Shepherds I've ever seen. She's a sweet girl too!

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