Thursday, April 30, 2009

I've got a fence jumper

A challenging but sweet Pharoah Hound is staying at my house this week. His owners thought he was a greyhound when they adopted him at the shelter. We've all learned there's a big difference! Where a greyhound is a mellow couch potato, Pharoahs are constant motion and boundless energy. Junior goes over my five foot patio fence like he's riding a magic carpet; he just floats. The baby gates in the hallway are no obstacle either, so the bedroom door is shut to protect my cats.

Today's achievement: Junior went over my six foot gate to get in the front yard with me. I caught him easily, which is in itself a miracle, but then needed to figure out how to keep him in the yard. I have added a baby gate above the gate in my carport, so that exit is blocked all the way to the roof.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow when Nate the Lab is coming to play with him for the weekend. Junior needs another active dog to wear him out!  Junior is shown here playing with Rex, another large Lab. I have a video on YouTube of Junior running in circles around Casey the Giant Schnauzer. Casey just stands there and lets out an occasional "ruff" as Junior does laps around the yard.

At home, Junior is an only dog, and much calmer. Though I notice that there is chicken wire wrapped entirely around the frame of the back door, around the air conditioning unit, the garden hose, and their own ten foot tall gate. He is so sweet, but so busy!

Junior is shown here with Miranda, who loves him very much.


Loretta said...

This pup reminds me very much of my own mystery mutt, King.

You can see a video of King with his greyhound sister here:,338d2e9a7919a0e303e9.html

and more photos here:

I adopted King from a shelter in Washington state in May 2007, when he was 6 months old. I've been trying to find his littermates. Could this be one?

Terry Albert said...

They do look similar! Junior is leaping up to the top of the back door right now- I can see him popping up through the window...
I'm in San Diego, so if' they're littermates, it would be VERY weird!

Loretta said...

What's Junior's DOB? King was born in Florida in October 2006 and transported to WA with his first owner. He was dumped by a second adopter in 6 months when I found him on Petfinders.

Terry Albert said...

Junior is just a year old, and we have no idea where he came from, except Helen Woodward's shelter in San Diego at about 6 months old.

Maybe he will calm down when he matures :) He's chilling out in a crate right now, so the rest of the dogs can get a break!

Loretta said...

I'm waiting for the calm down point, too. Good luck with your crazy pup.