Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pet sitters: Beware the Nanny Cam

A client recently sent me a link so I could see how their “Natecam” works. Nate the Lab spends the day in his dog run, and while the owners are at work, they can check in and see what he is doing (Usually sleeping).

We’ve all seen stories on the news where a nannycam has caught a caregiver abusing babies or elderly people when they think no one is looking. Anyone can buy this technology, and it’s not impossible that you will show up on someone’s candid camera one day.

With this in mind, all pet sitters should do a quick ethics check. Are you doing anything in a client’s house you wouldn’t want them to see?  Do you say things out loud you wouldn’t want them to hear? Do you snoop?

I sure hope not. 

I thought of this possibility this morning when I was caring for a group of five cats in a large home. High arched ceilings and hardwood floors make the hallways an echo chamber, and I was filled with the desire to sing.

I have an awful voice, and jump from octave to octave, key to key, trying to adjust my alto voice to the high notes. I let fly with my own pathetic version of the Star Spangled Banner while I cleaned litter boxes and refilled water bowls. It was invigorating, and I stood taller, my lungs full of fresh air, and felt refreshed when I was done. No mirrors broke, no windows shattered, and the cats ignored me.

I really pity my poor clients if they have it on video!

The art above is my painting of two cats that I call "Window Watchers." It is available as a signed and numbered limited edition print. Contact me for details.


Anonymous said...

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dog sitter said...

I would always recommend being concientious when dog sitting in someone else's house but don't let fear stop you living life as you would wish.

Mark said...

Pet sitters beware of nanny cam. The paintings of two cats is beautiful.