Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Too cute- photos and videos

I just couldn't resist this photo, even if it is out of focus. Maya and Millie the dachshunds, Izzy the toy poodle/chihuahua mix puppy, and Lucee the puggle relax at my house during the holidays. They are usually playing too hard to catch them standing still.

I have uploaded (to YouTube) a few videos of the big dogs playing. Recorded with my cell phone, the quality isn't too good, but you will see Junior the Pharaoh Hound (greyhound? whippet?) in constant motion, entertaining Casey the Giant Schnauzer, Chester, Tally and Portia the Labs. 

After 10 days here, Junior finally quit running and laid down for a few minutes with Tally. This lastest for less than a minute. Thank God for crates! At 10 months old, Junior is perpetual motion. 

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