Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten things you might not know about ten different species

Fish can get constipated

Horses spook easily because they are prey animals

Tortoises can learn to come when they are called

If a cat’s head can fit in an opening the whole body can

A dog’s feet smell like Fritos

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing

Ferrets like to poop in the corner

Birds can’t eat avocados

Snakes “hear” with their tongues; they don’t have ears

Hermit crabs shed their skin and grow out of their shells

1 comment:

barrie said...

Eeek! Birds SHOULDN'T eat avocados! It scares me to deal that someone will read that they can't and decide to test and see if their bird can. The high fat in avocados can kill a parrot. I actually don't know about other bird species avocado tolerance but it isn't a good thing to feed a dog or a cat either.