Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pet sitting hell week is almost over!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are different for pet sitters. While everyone else is off, we are working, and working hard. This ten day period was packed with visits and boarding dogs for me, and today is the last the day of the rush. I only have three boarding dogs left here (out of ten!) and two go home this morning. Whew. 

I've been sweeping and vacuuming up dirt and washing dog beds all day yesterday, my birthday. What a way to celebrate! With ten dogs here and rainy weather, they tracked in a lot of mud. My visitors included: Jet the German Shepherd, Willa the Boxer, Tally the Lab, Twyla, Bella and Harper, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Rex and Makaso, terrier mixes, Maya and Millie, dachshunds. Plus my four dogs, three shelties and a dachshund, and it was a full house! 

In addition to that, I was visiting clients including a cockatoo, two parrots, two horses, some cats, a couple of dogs and a guinea pig. Tomorrow I will be in full "rest" mode. But in this business, this is the time of year to make enough money to get you through January, so working really, really hard for a couple of weeks is well worth it. 

One of my clients blogged about her Cavaliers at my house on the Pet Connection. Read the last paragraph for a funny story.

The Christmas rush lasts longer, a full two weeks. I do regret that I can't head out of town to visit my family on the holidays, but my friends here have mercy on me and invite me over for a good meal and a few hours of human company. 

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