Saturday, August 2, 2008

Discount pet sitter?

Dear Labby,

Help! My pet sitting clients are asking for discounts! I know the economy is bad, but they can afford to take a vacation. Why can't they afford to pay ME?

Cashed Out

Dear Cashed, 
That's a tough one. You need to decide if you can afford to give a break to your regular clients. Maybe 10% off if you are making a full week's worth of visits? Sometimes a small break is all they want, and you will generate tons of goodwill. Think about how often they use your services, and how much you make in a year from this one client. I would not discount my services to a new client. 

I've been asked the same thing, and felt guilty if I were to give a discount to one client and not another. So I decided that anyone going away for more than 10 days would get 10% off their total. That seems to be working, and the clients that didn't ask for a discount often give me a nice tip or pay the full amount anyway. They know pet sitters aren't getting rich these days, especially with the price of gas. 

Just be sure you tell your clients you are giving them a discount. You might as well get credit for your generosity!


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